Our hearts are heavy as we think about what is happening in the world. As a church we continue to pray (if you’re not sure what to pray, take a look at our prayer points at the bottom of the page). God’s eye is on the nations, and we have a very important role in releasing God’s word on earth – God’s will being done, God’s kingdom on earth, as it is in Heaven.
We have also set up a fund, which enables us to provide practical support to the people of Ukraine. Things like food, clothing, accommodation and supplies.

Give to the Ukraine crisis

As a church we are creating a fund that will support those who are being directly impacted by the situation in Ukraine. This fund will enable us to provide food, clothing, accommodation and other supplies to those who need it most.
We have partnered with Pastors Miro and Marta who lead Equippers Budapest and are located very close to the conflict. In fact, Ps Miro was in Ukraine visiting a group of missionaries on the day that Ukraine invaded. Ps Miro and Marta are linked with a number of bible colleges and churches across the nation that are supporting refugees. One bible college alone is already supporting 450 individuals and families that are seeking safety.
Everything that we receive will go directly into the hands of people, like Ps Miro and Marta, who are on the ground helping those who need it most.
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Pray for Ukraine

We are asking you to join with churches around the world in praying for a peaceful resolution in Ukraine. Below are some prayer points that we hope will help to give you language to pray…

Pray for God’s wisdom and Godly counsel to be the guide for all who are involved in negotiations and decision making.



Pray for God’s voice to be represented in the high places of government and within world leaders as they meet.  That there would be a rising up and repositioning of men and women who represent God’s voice of peace on all sides.



Ask God to send His warring angelic armies to battle the principalities and powers at work behind this conflict.  That darkness would be pushed back and God’s light would break in.


Let’s declare peace and supernatural protection for Ukraine.  Let’s agree that conflict would end, violence would cease and hearts would turn to Jesus, the prince of peace.   ‘Peace be with you, Ukraine’.



Pray for President Putin, that his heart would be softened and his eyes opened to the light.  Pray for Christians to cross his path and for the opportunity to share Jesus – for his heart to change.



This is incredibly powerful, you are releasing a heavenly language – secret truths and hidden things – they are Spirit inspired prayers!

Handcrafted with love by Diego Favaretto
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