Equipping you for a life of influence

We have a passion to see people trained and developed, made strong and confident, ready to be activated for their purpose. We invite you to immerse yourself in an environment where you can discover the destiny God has for you.
Equippers College is the training arm of Equippers Church, a vibrant multi-cultural multi-campus church. You’ll be immersed in a strong leadership culture, a creative and innovative space, where your head, heart and hands will be developed. Let’s go higher together.

We have two programmes: Leadership Stream & Worship Stream. The Leadership Stream is designed to help people realise their passions, gifts, and grace, to 'be' and 'do' what God has called them to. The Worship Stream is designed to train people in the creative arts through specialty lessons, industry disciplines and spiritual discipleship.
Trained and developed
Made strong and confident
Activated for purpose


Clara Smit
20, Equippers Mainz
Going to England and doing Equippers College UK was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Even though I didn’t know the direction that this year would go, I can say that it definitely exceeded any expectations I had. God revealed hidden gifts inside of me that I never thought were there and has called me to serve him through worship. Having amazing leaders and teachers has meant that I am now able to work on my gifts and step out of my comfort zone into a new life of purpose. I received a new vision for my life and know that whatever I am facing, God will equip me with everything I need in order to build His kingdom.
Billie Mouat
26, Equippers Essex
Attending Equippers College has been a big step of faith for me but it has been the best step of faith I could have ever made. My time at the College has been more than I could have expected. I have grown in my personal relationship with God, I feel closer to Him and now have a stronger understanding of who I am through Him.
I have been stretched both physically and spiritually. This year has challenged my understanding of the Bible as well as broadening my views on how to use the Bible to guide my life. The community and relationships I have formed with the other students will last past this year of growth and discipleship we have all been on together.
Simon Cabansag
20, Equippers Surrey
I had a moment in my bedroom where I asked God what He really wanted me to do. I heard God speak, “Simon, you know what to do”. When I failed my second year at university I tried to claim back the lost year with my own efforts but it turned out that God had a bigger and better plan for me instead! Since then, I’ve been able to trust in God’s word and rely on His providence. God has expanded my faith and capacity to lead teams and speak in front of people. I have been able to grasp the beauty of the Bible, and apply spiritual disciplines, like taking a sabbath and fasting, which have propelled me forward in my life.

The Streams

Leadership Stream

The Leadership Stream is designed to help people realise their gifts, passions, and purpose. Students gain learning from a range of structured lectures and hands-on practical ministry experiences, working alongside leaders who are making a difference in ministry, this makes what they are learning in class relevant and memorable.
Students are taught how they can impact their world and are equipped for a life of influence, the skills that are learnt during the year are transferable and help students pursue ministry, further study or employment.

Worship Stream

Worship Stream students spend two days a week developing their craft as musicians and vocalists, working together in team, and honing the skills necessary to be able to lead in many different worship environments. Along with crucial teaching on the heart of worship, musicianship, individual lessons, and group ensembles, you will also have practical experience daily, leading the student body and staff in worship, as a worship and production team. You will also learn communication skills necessary to create atmospheres and tell a story, along with basic music production skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to go on a mission trip within UK, and be involved in church conferences and events.

Together with the leadership stream, you’ll also spend two days a week developing theological foundations, going deeper in discipleship, and understanding your relationship with God and God’s purpose for your life.

The basics

Start Date: September 2024

Duration: Full-time, September 2024 – June 2025

Who can apply? Anyone who is 18 years and older, whether you are from the UK or overseas (Equippers UK sponsors visas for International students)

Teachers: Ps Steve Graham, Ps Peter Prothero, Ps Mark Collard, Ps Monica Collard and Lavanya Dua

Expected Costs: Course Fee - £3500* per year; Approx. Living Costs - £650 per month (accommodation**, travel, food etc). *This is the Sept 2023 fees and may be subject to change. 

International Students: Visa Cost - £800 approx (one off payment)

**Please note that we place special importance on helping international students secure accommodation which sometimes can also be cheaper than the usual rate.

Teaching and accreditations

Ps Steve Graham, the Principal of Equippers College NZ, has committed to spending up to 6 months of the year in the UK and will be the College Principal for Equippers College UK. We are gifted with amazing teachers such as Ps Peter Prothero, Ps Mark Collard, Ps Lavanya Dua and Ps Monica Collard, who alongside others such as Ps Steve Graham, will form our teaching team.

The programmes are the same as Equippers College New Zealand and are recognised by the accrediting Colleges there. We are in the process of applying for UK accreditation.
The teaching content will cover four main subjects:

Encountering the Bible: an overview of the Bible, understanding and interpreting the Bible

Discipleship: being formed for Christian life, spiritual disciplines, prayer ministry, communication

Basics of Christian Beliefs: a survey of theology

Faith in Action: understanding leadership in ministry and personal calling

A typical week

A typical week will include two days of teaching, devotions and classes, two days of practical placements in a church department, serving on a Sunday and mentoring every fortnight. The course is designed to be full-time instead of part-time. This is a strategic decision to ensure students are fully immersed in the church environment and culture of Equippers. This has been very effective in accelerating the holistic growth of students in Equippers College NZ.
Example week:

Monday and Tuesday
Leadership Stream - Supervised placements in a church department with learning objectives, reflections and reviews
Worship Stream - Specific teaching and workshops focussed on developing your craft as musicians and vocalists, as well as serving in the creative department

Wednesday and Thursday
Devotions plus morning and afternoon classes 

Serving on Sunday teams 

Handcrafted with love by Diego Favaretto
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