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Revolution Youth FAQs

Are the events & programmes supervised?

Yes! All of our programmes are supervised and overseen by our team of adult leaders. Our leaders have undergone DBS checks and are trained to work with young people. Our aim is not only to create a fun, positive atmosphere at Revo Youth but also to create a safe and secure environment where young people are cared for and supported.
You may be interested in viewing our SafeGuarding Policy.


Does my child need a consent form to attend a Revolution Youth event?

Your child does not need a consent form to attend our regular Friday night programme at Revolution Youth. However they are required to sign in upon entry to the building, providing their Name, Mobile Number, Home Number, School and Age. We also ask for contact details for a parent/guardian. Your child may need to fill out a consent form for other events we run, such as our summer camp and spring sleep-over etc.


How much does it cost for my child to come to Revolution Youth?

Our regular weekly programmes at Revolution Youth are free of charge. We do have the occasional special event that requires payment upon entry. Events that require an entry fee will always be advertised in advance and printed information will be sent home.