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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are our meetings like? 

Our meetings always have a sense of celebration about them. We create an environment where people aspire to change, desire to serve Jesus wholeheartedly and want to fulfil their purpose in life.

2. How long are our meetings?

Our meetings last around 1hr 15min, starting and finishing promptly.

3. Where do I park?

There is plenty of space at the venue to park your car. You’ll be greeted by our car park hosts on arrival, they’ll direct you to the nearest available space.

4. What time should I get to church?

At least 15 minutes before the service so you have time to park your car, check-in your kids to the kids program and find your seat.

5. Iss there a kids programme/parenting room?

We have loads going on for kids of all ages at Equippers: eKids for ages 0-10 and Ignite for ages 10-13.

6. What do I have to wear, and do I have to bring anything?

Come just as you are.

7. Do you have disabled parking and seating?


8. Do I have to pay to attend church, or will I be asked for money at any time during my visit?

No, you don’t need to pay to attend. In our meetings we take up an offering, this is something we encourage those who call Equippers Church home to do.

9. What happens after our meetings?

There’s always a team of people ready to pray after the service. It’s a great time to hang out, catch up with friends, meet new people and drink coffee.

Got a question we haven’t covered above? Ask away…