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Give God A Year


Focus Streams

The Internship runs of 4 major focus streams; Church Based Ministry, Leadership Development, Spiritual Development & Personal Development. These streams are applied through a combination of teaching, training, reading, essay-writing, ministry involvement and with the help of a personal mentor. By the end of the year you will have a clearer sense of who you are, what your gifts are, where your strengths lie and how to be a team player. You’ll also make lifelong friends. This is not a year for the fainthearted. You’ll be challenged, stretched and taken to the limit of what you think you can do. But if you’re one of those people who gets why Peter asked Jesus to invite him to walk on the water, then our word to you is, “Come”!

Church Based Ministry

Jesus has committed Himself to build the church, Matt 16,18. As such we have aligned our theology and practice to serve this goal. We don’t just do church on Sunday. We do it the whole week. You’ll get to see what a missional church looks and feels like. It will give you a great vision of what is possible and all the different ways a church can connect with a community. As a church, we believe not only in equipping people for “church work”, but for life. Alongside Sunday services and other meetings, you will also be given the chance to attend Equippers Training College on Monday nights. Check out the curriculum here:

“During my Internship, old mind-sets and patterns of thinking were challenged – I was left to make a choice; do I move forward in faith or do I surrender to fear? Through the support and encouragement of mentors, supervisors and the community of this congregation, I found the courage to move from the old and into the newness that Christ has for me. After my Internship I continued as a volunteer staff member at Equippers, overseeing the schedules of six Interns.”

Sheena Koop (Canada)
Intern 2013-2014

Spiritual Development

Over the course of the year our desire is that you will experience significant spiritual growth. Due to the intensity of the programme, maintaining a regular devotional time is key. We recommend journaling as a devotional technique. It will give you a record of what you think God is speaking to you about. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to pray and share with other Interns.

“My time Interning at Equippers stretched me beyond what I thought was possible in a single year. By throwing myself into situations where I was out of my depth, I was forced to rely on God and He began to show me my true leadership potential. I went from being barely able to lead myself, to confidently leading others, including large groups. I’m confident my life is making an impact for the Kingdom. I now work part-time for Equippers as the Revolution Youth Richmond leader.”

Pete Gibbons (UK)
Intern 2014-2015

Leadership Development

At Equippers, leadership is something that is not just taught but modelled. During your Internship you will be given many opportunities to grow as a leader. It will begin by you serving alongside a gifted leader who will, in time, give you more responsibility. How you handle that will determine your progress. You will also be part of our weekly Management Meetings on a Tuesday morning, seeing from the inside how a growing church manages the challenges of organising and facilitating growth. The leadership principles and skills you develop will serve you well wherever God calls you after the Internship.

“Having graduated from University I started the Internship as a fairly shy, unassuming and fear-filled 23-year-old. I finishedas a confident, faith-filled 24-year-old, ready to serve God effectively. One of my biggest areas of growth was as a leader. I grew as a worship leader, was given opportunities to preach, lead prayer meetings and lead a youth connect group. I now work full-time for Equippers as a Graphic Designer and a key Worship Leader”

Thom Yates (UK)
Intern 2012-2013

Personal Development

Personal development is monitored and guided by weekly meetings with your Supervisor and regular catch-ups with your Mentor, (at least monthly). They will help to create and review your goals in both ministry and personal life, as well as developing a good routine, healthy habits and ways to rest. Internship will have periods of high and low intensity. Our supervisors and mentors will help navigate these times.

“Internship at Equippers has been a great year for me; I have learnt so much. I know that God is for me and that I can’t earn His love. He has grown my servant heart. I have been able to forgive and receive forgiveness. Being part of Equippers I have understood that we are called to make disciples, not just converts – my heart for people has grown so much in the last year.”

Amy Schuhmann (Germany)
Intern 2014-2015

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