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Internship FAQs

Induction Week

For the first week of the internship you will spend most of the time meeting various leaders in the church, hearing them unpack the vision of Equippers and what’s expected of you as an intern.



Interns use various means of transport to travel from the ministry base and their host homes. Some will walk, some cycle, and some are fortunate enough to own a car.


Accommodation & Host Homes

To make it as easy as possible for interns to give themselves fully to the year, we will organise a host family from within the church community to provide a room free of charge. The host families will also provide interns with breakfast and dinner, with lunch served for all interns and staff at The Hub.


Training College

Interns will benefit from attending Equippers Training College on Monday nights and Friday mornings. Monday nights are the Foundational Stream, in which key themes are explored that will help build a solid foundation in understanding scripture. Friday mornings are the Leadership Stream, in which you will be trained in essential leadership principles and practices, enabling you to effectively lead teams in the context of the local church and in the workplace.


Typical Week

A typical week for an intern involves 6 days of work and a day of rest (usually Saturday, but it depends on what areas of ministry you are involved with). The programme is designed to be demanding and to stretch you, so interns will work around 55 hours a week, which is equivalent to someone in a full-time job (35-40 hours) who also volunteers 15-20 hours a week. Interns will spend 1 or 2 days working in The Hub Coffee Shop each week, with other weekdays filled with a variety of ministry areas. Interns are also expected to attend and serve at all Sunday services in the ministry roles they are assigned to (e.g. hosting, band, hospitality etc.). Other required attendances are the Wednesday night prayer meetings and Equippers Training College on Monday nights.

Because of the programme’s intensity, we do not allow dating during this period (unless there is a previously existing relationship). This programme is designed to give a year of your life fully to God and allow you to discover yourself and your ministry gifts in a focused way and to develop a servant-hearted philosophy of ministry.


Where Can I Fit In?

There are lots of different areas and ministries for interns to get involved with, including: HubKidz, Ignite (9-13), Revolution Youth (11-18), University Students, Young Adults (18-30ish), Creative Ministries (music, production, media etc.), Hosting, and Hospitality. As well as more community focused ministries, including: Family Connect, The Hub Coffee Shop, Who Let The Dads Out?, Schools and much more.


Supervisors & Mentors

Interns will be assigned both a supervisor and a mentor. The supervisor’s role will be to assign jobs to the intern and ensure that they are working and growing in their ministry areas.
The role of the mentor is to exclusively look out for the well-being of the intern. They can also handle any issues that interns feel they can’t talk to their supervisor about. We recommend meeting at least weekly with your mentor to begin with, and then to find a rhythm that suits you.



Holiday periods are given at Christmas and Easter, plus all statutory holidays. 24 days a year & 4 Sundays.
The internship usually starts at the beginning of September and runs through until the end of August but exceptions can be made. Travel is possible during the holiday breaks or during days off.

Internship Prospectus